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Community Connect - Access Support

Community Connect is here to offer help to mothers who are pregnant or have recently had a baby, who are struggling to get the essentials for their baby, and who need some practical assistance.
We can help with essential things such as pre-loved baby clothes, blankets, nappies and some larger pre-loved items such as buggies and cots (subject to availability).
If you are referring a family in need to us for assistance, or if you yourself are in need of support, please complete the form below and click the ‘Submit’ button.  Please note that we may request a reference from your maternity hospital, social worker or other support service.

If you are having difficulty submitting the form above, please email all details instead to

Additional Information

  • We are very sorry, but we are unable to provide formula. Our policy on formula distribution can be seen in full HERE.
  • We only have children’s clothes up to age 2 years (or sometimes 3 years, depending on donations), so if a child is older than this, we are unlikely to have what they need.
  • We do not have toys.
  • We cannot pass on used car seats for safety reasons.
  • We are unable to supply items such as nappies on an ongoing basis to the same family, as we have to spread our resources out between everyone who asks us for help. We can return however after 3-6 months with the next size of clothing, if a child/family needs it.
  • We are not an emergency service and are run by volunteers, so although we will do our best to get to those who need it as quickly as possible, there is often a wait of a few weeks until we can get to a family referred to us.

See also our Support Information Page HERE for other support options.