Community Connect

Our Policy on Formula Distribution

In Community Connect, we want to offer as much support as we can to families who are struggling to provide for their babies.  We recognise that families who are formula feeding incur a large additional cost to provide food for their baby, and often request our support with formula.  However, in accordance with UNICEF guidance, and advice from health professionals in Ireland, it is the policy of Community Connect not to distribute baby formula.

 UNICEF recommends that Food Banks and Baby Banks should not accept or distribute donations of infant formula for babies.

The reasons outlined by UNICEF are:

▪ concerns for the safety of the baby, consistency of supply and the fact that there is an array of different products on the market and getting an appropriate infant formula from a food bank cannot be guaranteed

▪ the potential risk of providing an inappropriate infant formula (for example, if the baby is under six months old, a follow on formula would be inappropriate and could cause harm)

▪ the potential risk of families being delayed from being referred for further support they require and are eligible for.



In Community Connect, we hope that by providing practical support in many other ways, such as clothing, baby equipment and hygiene items, we are helping families to provide for their babies, and allowing them to direct their income towards feeding their baby, if they choose to formula feed.