Community Connect

Green Partner

In Community Connect, we believe that we can contribute to protecting our world and our environment through reuse and recycling of used baby equipment and clothing.  We work to address resource waste while supporting families to access the basic necessities for raising their children with dignity.

Baby Equipment such as buggies, cots and highchairs often have a short lifespan, as babies grow out of them so quickly, and fashion trends change. In addition, many types of baby equipment are comprised of various materials including metal, plastic, fabrics which can be challenging to disassemble and recycle.  As a result, most used baby equipment ends up in landfill.

We are now leading the way in providing Irish parents with a sustainable and trustworthy way to donate their pre-loved baby clothing and equipment to a family who will really benefit.   We want to increase awareness about the benefits of the circular economy for baby clothing and equipment, and foster community engagement.

We believe that Community Connect can play a very important and effective role in development and promotion of the circular economy in Ireland.  Patnering with us can support us in accelerating our reach and impact across the country, and making a real difference in the reduction of waste, and promotion of sustainability and the circular economy for baby equipment and clothing in Ireland.


If your company is a good fit for partnership with Community Connect, please contact us at